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Camouflage With General Military Surplus Apparel & Accessories

Looking forward to your next fishing trip? If so, make sure you stop by and visit General Military Surplus!


Investing in good quality shirts, outerwear and jackets or hats and shoes is just as important as your fishing equipment.

While most fishing enthusiasts focus on fishing equipment (which is very important), did you know that the clothing you wear can mean the difference between a great and a mediocre fishing expedition? 

To optimise your fishing experience, make sure that you wear good quality shirts, outerwear, and jackets. Shoes and hats are also important, and these should provide you with all the comfort you need and protection from the elements. 

Here at General Military Surplus, we sell a broad range of premium quality apparel and accessories that come directly from some of the world’s top military organisations! 

These items have been specially designed to be hard-wearing, comfortable and protective, whatever the weather. 


Check out our product range and level up your fishing game!


Once you are kitted out with the correct fishing gear, you have the confidence to land the next big catch.

As many of our customers will attest, wearing the most suitable clothing and accessories for fishing makes landing the next big catch much easier!

Gone are the days when you needed to sacrifice comfort, convenience and ergonomics for the sake of fishing.

By purchasing clothing and accessories from the General Military Surplus range, you will feel warm throughout your winter fishing, while remaining protected from the sun during the summer. 

Our jackets also have plenty of pockets for your fishing accessories so there is no losing any important items. 



Invest in a premium quality jacket that has been designed specifically for the British army with this British Desert Field Jacket. 

For only R595, you will have a lightweight but warm jacket for your fishing expeditions that will last you for many years to come. 



Are you looking for a great quality, multi-purpose jacket for fishing? Look no further than this British DPM Smock Jacket for sale at R795. 

Although South Africa can have warm temperatures, it can get chilly during the evenings and early mornings when there is a breeze, especially if it comes off the water while fishing. This jacket does an excellent job of keeping the chill at bay and is a great investment for fishing enthusiasts. 



Looking for a jacket that will help you blend into your surroundings? This Dutch Camo Field Jacket is extensively used by the Dutch military for camouflage purposes and is ideal for hunting and fishing. 

It is a hardwearing and no-nonsense jacket that is also a steal at only R295!



The French are well-known for their no-compromise approach to fashion and the French military is no exception. 

General Military Surplus’s French Grey Gabardine coat is a good example of this and combines warmth, quality and functionality. It’s a great wardrobe staple for any fishing enthusiast and at only R189, it’s also affordable!



Most fishing enthusiasts like to start the day early with a dawn arrival at their favourite lake, pond or beach. Of course, during the winter temperatures can be below freezing, making fishing a chilly experience. 

The good news is that with this effective Hungarian Military Parka, you’ll be kept warm and comfortable, even in freezing weather. 

Get yours for only R199 at General Military Surplus!

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