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Changing seasons demand the right apparel for warmth

Although the weather is still beautifully warm, it’s a good idea to start thinking of the onset of autumn and winter.

One of the best ways to ensure that your company remains productive throughout the cold winter months is to invest in top quality jackets and coats to keep your staff warm.

When employees don’t have suitable apparel to keep them warm, they can be less productive and less willing to venture outside to perform patrols and monitor operations.

GMS has the ideal solution for this: general military surplus from bush jackets to long overcoats and accessories, from some of the world’s top armies and marine corps.

This general military surplus clothing is comfortable, offers excellent freedom of movement, and won’t restrict workers from performing their duties effectively. At the same time, it is incredibly warm as it’s been designed to withstand icy European, Siberian and sub-arctic temperatures.


Different market sectors where workers are outdoors most of the time or in large warehouses require suitable outerwear

If your employees spend some, most or all of their time outdoors, you can keep them warm without having to spend a fortune.

GMS buys gently used general military surplus clothing in bulk from reputable European agents. Our low purchasing prices allow us to pass on the savings to you, our valued customers.

This means that you get excellent quality jackets and coats that have been designed to last for years and withstand extreme conditions at cheaper prices than you pay for jackets at your local shopping mall!

Your employees can remain productive, warm and comfortable, even during the coldest snaps.


Military surplus offers a fantastic alternative as the coats and jackets have been designed for the worst possible conditions across Europe

Buying general military surplus clothing makes a lot of sense. Since these jackets have been manufactured using materials that trap body heat and keep the wearer warm, your employees don’t have to wear so many layers that can make them feel impeded.

Jackets that one buys from retail stores in a shopping mall may be puffy and thick, but they are fashion items, first and foremost, and their primary goal is not to keep the wearer as warm as possible.

In fact, some military personnel wear general military surplus jackets over thin cotton shirts and still remain warm, which confirms how effective they are.

If you are interested in buying some long-lasting and premium quality jackets for your employees this winter, visit our website and browse our extensive collection.


We have something to suit all company cultures: from trench coats, and lined jackets, to parkas and lined, waterproof jackets.

Once you’ve made your selection, you can add them to your cart and then check out on our safe and secure platform. GMS will then package your items and send them to you.

We ship throughout South Africa using a reliable courier service, and we are, of course, always available for any stock questions, bulk enquiries, and general queries. 

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