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Demand Growing in SA for General Military Surplus Apparel

South Africa is well-known for its sunny skies and warm climate. However, South Africa also experiences extreme weather conditions which vary from province to province. With heavy summer rainfall in certain areas, and short, cold winters with rainfall, frost and snow in other areas, making it necessary to protect yourself against the harsh elements. 

If you (or your employees) spend a lot of time outdoors, chances are you need some form of protective clothing: whether it’s a warm jacket for the winter, protective boots, or a hat to protect you from the sun, GMS has you covered. 


The History of General Military Surplus Goods is an Interesting One

Did you know that General Military surplus dates back to 1872, when Scottish entrepreneur and businessman Francis Bannerman, started a business by purchasing vast amounts of new and used military surplus from the U.S. Government, accumulated during the Civil War. After early wars mass produced items were sold to recoup monies by various governments. Over the years Bannerman’s accumulated many different types of army surplus with items like horse saddles, swords, African spears, rifles and even cannons. Whenever the military changed uniform, weapon or equipment, Bannerman’s was there to snap up any excess to be sold in their stores in New York.

In the past, military surplus products were offered through brick and mortar stores and via mail-order catalogues which has now evolved into modern day digital platforms. The focus today is mostly on uniforms, apparel and accessories due to the changing nature of war in the late 20th century and online shopping.

Did you know that (GMS) General Military Surplus is an online buying platform where you have access to gently used military clothing, jackets and accessories imported from Europe? 

Here at GMS, we saw a gap in the South African market for affordable military clothing and accessories which is now available to the whole country 24/7 with national delivery. We are fortunate to have really good contacts and a reliable source of supply from European agencies that deal in quality general military surplus apparel and accessories.

The are many South African industries and market sectors that have a great need for quality, affordable outdoor activewear and General Military Surplus clothing fits the bill: 

  • Hunting
  • Security
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Farming
  • Game Ranging
  • And more…

General Military Surplus imports gently used military clothing and accessories from some of the world’s top suppliers, where quality is paramount and protection against the elements is often a matter of life and death. 


The Benefits of Investing in Quality Used and Surplus General Military Goods are Numerous

So, why should you invest in general military surplus items, and what are the benefits? 

Here are just a few examples: 

  • General military surplus clothing is a cost-effective purchase when you consider the excellent quality of the items. Military clothing needs to withstand extreme conditions and temperatures and must last for the long term.
  • Buying general military surplus clothing from us means that you are being kind to the environment! Instead of buying cheaply-made, fast fashion items that will only last a year (if you’re lucky), it’s better for the planet to purchase gently-used military surplus clothing which can easily last you for a few decades. 
  • General military surplus clothing is tailored, and can be doubled up as fashion items. If you own a military surplus jacket, you’ll know how expertly tailored it is to provide a seamless and incredibly comfortable fit. In addition, these items are also very trendy and look great when paired with jeans or when worn as part of a smart-casual outfit. 
  • The best option for security personnel. By kitting your security staff out with warm clothing for cold winter nights and mornings, you are allowing them to perform their jobs properly and safely. Research has shown that when security staff do not have warm enough gear, they are less likely to venture outside to check on concerns or worrying noises.
  • Enjoy high quality clothing that is unique. Investing in military surplus clothing means that you are taking style seriously. However, it’s unlikely that there will be anyone else wearing the same type of jacket, which is often not the case when you buy something from a large retailer.

Conveniently Available 24/7 from General Military Surplus Online Store with Secure Payment Methods, Your Purchases will be Delivered to Your Door Anywhere in South Africa

At General Military Surplus, we fully understand the modern South African consumer’s needs. 

We understand that it can often be inconvenient and challenging shopping for clothing in a busy shopping mall, which is made worse when you can’t find what you are looking for.

It’s for this reason that we have an intuitive and user-friendly website where you can shop for whatever you need. 

We have clear and high quality photos of general military clothing and our interface is safe and secure, making payments worry-free. 

We also offer convenient shipping options directly to your home or business so you don’t have to lift a finger.

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