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GMS: Your chosen supplier for all your agricultural clothing

Farming has always been a large part of South Africa’s pride and culture. However, over the past few years, South Africa’s agricultural industry has been growing in leaps and bounds.

In fact, it is now one of the fastest growing business sectors in South Africa today. 

If you are a farmer or work in the agricultural sector, are you wearing the right clothing for the job and can you say the same for those who work alongside you? 


GMS provides suitable clothing for farming 

General Military Surplus (GMS) is a supplier of a broad range of gently used military surplus clothing, imported from Europe. 

Since we understand that it’s not always possible to go into a physical shop to buy appropriate clothing, we’ve made things possible with the creation of our safe and secure online store. 

This means that wherever you may be situated in South Africa, you can conveniently shop in our online store and have your items shipped directly to your premises. 


Military Surplus garments and accessories are known for robust fabrics designed for outdoor wear

If you have been struggling to find clothing and jackets that last, General Military Surplus garments may be just what you’ve been looking for all along. 

Military Surplus clothing is designed to last and members of the military typically only have one item of each garment which needs to last the duration of their assignment. 

Unlike clothing that you buy in shopping mall stores, military surplus clothing can easily last you a lifetime and never goes out of style. 

Farming in South Africa can be messy business and having the right protective clothing is a bonus. If you work in agriculture, you probably already know that farming is hard work and you need tough clothing. 

Cheap fabrics tear easily and can actually cost you more in the long term. With just a nominal investment in a few, key military surplus items, these can last for years and you won’t need to worry about constantly replacing items. 


Military surplus coats and jackets are great for cool mornings and evenings 

South Africa can get very hot during the summer, but many people forget how cold it can get during the winter or even early mornings and evenings throughout the other seasons. 

Instead of battling along by trying to ward off the cold, why not get a military surplus jacket? 

Although military surplus jackets keep you incredibly warm, they feel lightweight and very comfortable when worn. 

This is no coincidence as military personnel require clothing that allows them to carry out their duties comfortably and without hindrance. 

The same can be said about farming: working on a farm, you can’t afford to wear bulky jackets that slow you down. 

If you are interested in investing in your own military surplus clothing, why not browse our website? Visit our site and take a look at our extensive range of military surplus clothing. 

It’s not nearly as expensive as perceived and you could be wearing your new military surplus clothing for farming, for maximum protection and maximum comfort at the click of a button.

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