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General Military Surplus Outerwear Is Available To Purchase Online

GMS is South Africa’s leading online supplier of genuine military surplus coats and jackets.

We stock a wide range of premium quality military surplus items for sale at excellent prices that you won’t find elsewhere.

Visit us online to discover our extensive collection.


Buy a military surplus coat or jacket for yourself or buy in bulk for your security team or workforce. Bulk orders welcome!

Did you know that military surplus clothing was designed for use in the army during the freezing temperatures of the northern hemisphere winter?

Not only do they keep you toasty and warm, but they are also very comfortable to wear, allowing you to go about your everyday tasks with ease.

General military surplus coats and jackets are perfect for security guards and those who work outdoors during the cold, winter months.  They are also great for anyone working outdoors all year round.

GMS offers great prices, as well as incredible deals if you buy in bulk for your workforce. Simply visit our online store to get started.


General Military Surplus from field jackets and heavy overcoats are suitable for all outdoor activities

Do you a jacket or overcoat that will keep you warm but still allow you to perform all your usual activities comfortably?

General Military Surplus’s wide-range collection of field jackets, parkas and heavy overcoats provide all the necessary warmth and feel lightweight and comfortable when worn.

In addition, because they have been created according to the highest military standards, the fit is tailored, the stitching impeccable and the fabric is the best you can get.

Investing in one or more of our jackets means that you are saving money in the long run as you won’t have to replace it for many years or decades.


General Military Surplus is designed for harsh weather conditions and will protect you and your team through wind, rain or bitterly cold temperatures with a choice of field jackets, parkas or short and long overcoats.

Here at GMS, our customers know that we are their first stop for coats and jackets that will keep them warm in sub-zero temperatures.

Many of the coats and jackets that one can buy in South African shopping malls can keep you warm but have not been designed with very cold temperatures over long periods, in mind.

With our selection of premium field jackets, parkas and short or long overcoats, you don’t have to wear quite as many layers as our jackets are your main source of warmth.


Security coats and jackets are highly sought after for their durability and warmth and general military surplus is an excellent cost-effective option.

Your security personnel are exposed to freezing temperatures during the cold, winter nights and are less likely to want to venture outside to secure your premises if they do not have warm enough clothing.

To avoid this security risk, why not equip your team with what they need in our security jackets or coats? These also have handy pockets for torches, walkie-talkies, notebooks, etc.

German Grey Gabardine with liner (used) only R375.

At only R375 each, our German Grey Gabardine lined jackets are a steal!

This price is actually less than what you would pay for an inferior quality jacket at your local shopping mall that will not keep you as warm.

Ex-military, this jacket is available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large and is ideal for fishing enthusiasts or security staff.

German Black Gabardine Pea Coat with liner (like new) only R750.

Pea coats are an excellent choice for a winter jacket because they not only keep you warm, but they also look smart.

This multi-functional aspect means that you can wear your pea coat to work or to a formal occasion.

It will soon become your trusted companion during the winter months and, at only R750 each, it is great for those on a budget. Available in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

For many more security jackets and coats, shop online at General Military Surplus. Nationwide delivery available. Single & Bulk options available.

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