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General Military Surplus is South Africa’s foremost supplier of military surplus clothing from Europe.

Browse our wide selection of military surplus clothing and enjoy delivery throughout South Africa.

General Military Surplus coats and jackets shipped locally and internationally. Order online.

E-commerce has been taking off in a big way in South Africa over the past few years and South Africans are becoming well-versed in online shopping.

If you are looking for premium quality and gently used jackets and military surplus clothing that has been imported from the European military, why not visit our website and find the perfect product for yourself or your team?

Whether you need a good quality jacket that will keep you warm while fishing or hunting, or you are in need of comfortable uniforms that will keep your security team warm during the night shift, General Military Surplus is your one-stop shop.


Heavy duty military overcoats suitable for combatting harsh winter conditions for security companies and guarding teams.

Even though South Africa enjoys a warm climate during the summer, the winter months can be bitterly cold, especially if you work the night shift.

If you manage or own a security company, you need to ensure that your security guards have the correct clothing to keep warm and to be able to work efficiently.

With General Military Surplus’s range of gently used, European military surplus clothing, you can protect your guarding teams and security personnel with heavy duty military overcoats and jackets from our easy-to-use online store.

Our military grade field jackets, parkas and overcoats are made to last and will keep you warm, even in sub-zero temperatures. Although they keep the wearer warm and cozy, they still allow for plenty of movement and are very comfortable to wear.

At General Military Surplus, we welcome bulk orders for your guarding teams and security personnel and offer nationwide delivery.


Czech OG M85 Parka with liner (used) R695

At only R695 each, the Czech OG M85 Parka with liner is practically a steal!

As the name suggests, it originates from the Czech army in an area of the world where it is completely normal for temperatures to be well below zero during the winter.

With this mid-length parka, you are guaranteed to feel warm, cozy, and comfortable even on the coldest of winter days.

This jacket can also be used when temperatures are higher, and a simple removal of the fleece inner is all that is required.

For those who like useful pockets, this parka is ideal as it boasts two button-down, chest pockets and two waist slash pockets: perfect for keeping your cell phone, fishing equipment, hunting accessories and more.


German Blue Gabardine with liner (used) R375

Are you looking for a warm jacket that is functional, warm as well as fashionable?

Our German Blue Gabardine jacket ticks all these boxes and can be worn to the office, out hunting or fishing or outside at work during the night shift.

If features a luxurious removable wool liner, smart silver buttons and two front pockets.


Visit our website to snap one up for yourself!

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