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GMS Has A Super Range Of Military Style Field Shirts & Jackets

Being South Africa’s leading online supplier of international quality military surplus, GMS stocks an extensive and exclusive range of premium military shirts and jackets - available in a variety of colours, styles and sizes.

Military surplus clothing is the perfect attire for security teams, hunters, farmers, game rangers or any outdoor enthusiasts, especially during colder weather conditions such as the early mornings and late evenings of Spring. Military surplus items are designed to ensure military personal are kept warm during the harshest weather conditions.

When in the field, it is imperative to ensure you are equipped with attire that is protective and easily adaptable to any outdoor surrounding.


Camo is a classic style and always on-trend in some form and definitely an essential item in any hunter’s wardrobe.

When out in a field, ranch or reserve it is essential that the attire being used is not only comfortable and easily adaptable but most importantly protective. Although attire may differ from season to season for hunters, the clothing worn plays a very important part in the success of the hunt.

When selecting attire for hunting, training, or any outdoor activity, some important clothing items we have will help to equip you include hunting boots and camo sneakers, coats and jackets, field shirts and hats. Any outdoor activities in the South African bush demand physical protection against the elements.


Here are quality military surplus items that would make perfect additions to your wardrobe:

British Desert Field Jacket (No Liner) Like New R595

This lightweight military jacket is perfect for outdoor activities, especially in Spring. Equipt with decently bellowed pockets, you can perfectly carry any necessary equipment instead of a larger bag.

German Flectarn Field Shirt (No Liner) Used R369 and Australian OG Field Shirt (No Liner) New R195

Field shirts are an all-season clothing item and perfect for outdoor activity uses. This lightweight clothing item provides the right amount of warmth whilst still enabling breathability – the right kind of balance needed.

British DPM Smock Jacket (No Liner) Used R795

Smock jackets are commonly windproof and water-resistant, the best jacket for rainy and windy Spring days in the field or bush. These versatile jackets can be worn in casual outfits as well and great outerwear.

Camo Sneakers R299

This lightweight, comfortable, and easily adaptable footwear is great for indoor and outdoor use.

At General Military Surplus, we stock a wide range of premium military surpluses that are guaranteed to keep you performing optimally and comfortable no matter the weather condition.


Visit the GMS online store and view the full range of surplus clothing items available or contact us for assistance in finding military surplus you may need. Our products come in a variety of sizes and stock is available in single as well as bulk orders should you require more than one. Shop at GMS today & enjoy our affordable nationwide delivery options.             
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