general military surplus clothing for sale

GMS: What Products Do We Sell?

GMS is South Africa’s foremost supplier of general military surplus clothing and accessories.

Since our inception, we have been become very popular as the best place to find premium quality military jackets for sale in South Africa.

Our products can be conveniently ordered directly from our online store and then delivered to your front door.

Our exclusive range of general military surplus products include, men’s military jackets, sneakers, field hats and caps and other general military surplus clothing.

Where Do We Get Our Military Stock From?


The stock that we sell is exactly the same clothing and accessories that international military organisations (such as armies, navies, storm troopers, air forces, marines, etc.) provide their troops with. 

Buying from GMS therefore means that you are benefiting from the same excellent quality clothing as soldiers in the British Army, US Marines, etc. enjoy wearing.

The stock that we sell is either brand new, over stock or very gently used. We source our stock from international military, as well as their suppliers.

Since we source our products in very large quantities, our unit costs are very low and we, of course, pass on these discounted prices to you, our valued customers.

Our men’s military jacket styles are particularly popular as they are ideal for hunters, farmers, fishermen, security guards and anyone else who spends time outside during the winter.

What Military Jacket Styles Do We Sell?


Looking for excellent quality military jackets for sale in South Africa? Look no further than GMS!

We sell a wide range of general military surplus, including, men’s military jackets, field jackets, field caps, military shoes and sneakers, winter military hats, wool coats, and much more.

Our product range is the best possible quality and what you would come to expect from a well-regarded army. Our general military surplus is therefore made to last and will definitely not fall apart after only a few years.

If you are looking for cost-effective general military surplus clothing, GMS should be your first port of call!

What Is A OG Field Jacket?


An OG field jacket is one of the most worn items in any army and is incredibly versatile.

The “OG” in the term “OG field jacket” refers to the army utility uniform that was used by the United States Army in the 1950s. The term has stuck and is often used to refer to a military field jacket.

It normally has a straight front, is water repellent, lined with fleece and can withstand even the most freezing temperatures.

Colors of OG field jackets can vary widely, but the vast majority of them are in a military fatigue and camouflage pattern, dark or olive green or a shade of neutral brown.

OG field jackets are great if you want to blend into the natural surroundings and want to keep warm at the same time.

 Another advantage of an OG field jacket is that they feel very comfortable when worn and you can carry out all your normal activities with it on.

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