Who Is General Military Surplus?

Who Is General Military Surplus?

Did you know that general military surplus clothing is ideal for those who work outside and are exposed to the elements?

If you employ security guards, farm workers, game rangers, miners or you are a hunter, general military surplus clothing would serve you well.


Who is General Military Surplus

GMS (General Military Surplus) sells new and used, premium quality general military surplus clothing.

Our range includes heavy, cold weather parkas, jackets, hats, shirts, shoes, and more that have previously been used by armies and other military organisations in the world.

We can sell individual items, as well as bulk items and all our products are available for purchase on our website.


Where it all started for GMS

GMS is one of a kind and was founded due to a gap in the South African market for premium quality, general military surplus clothing for the general public and the private sector.

Since South Africa is a very outdoors-oriented country, we understood that there was a great need for garments that could be comfortably worn during the cold winter months and which would not fall apart after a few seasons.

GMS has since become very popular amongst farmers, fishermen, hunters and companies who have staff members exposed to the elements.

We also sell bulk general military surplus items in bales, which our customers can then sell onto their own clients. This is a great way to start your own, small business as general military surplus products are always popular.


Who We Are

Here at GMS, we are passionate about making military quality general surplus clothing available to the general public.

We know that such clothing is made to last, is incredibly durable and keeps you warm, even in sub-zero temperatures.

With our solid business relationships with suppliers around the world, we source exclusive items that are either gently used or brand new. Because we buy in very large quantities, the unit price that we pay is quite low and we of course pass on this saving to our valued customers, which is why our range is so affordable.

GMS receives new and exciting stock on a regular basis and it is definitely worth your while to browse through our current collection every now and then.


Who We Sell To

GMS sells to the general public on our easy-to-navigate, online platform. If you require general military surplus clothing and accessories, this is a very convenient way of shopping as you don’t even need to leave your home or office.

Looking to start your own business and be your own boss? Why not purchase a bale of bulk general military surplus items from us and then sell them on to people in your neighborhood, friends and family?

To make things even easier for yourself, you could split the cost of a bale with a partner and then share the profits you make.


Our Purpose

Here at GMS, our ultimate goal is to make great military grade clothing available to the average person on the street at reasonable prices.

One of our main focuses is also on excellent customer service and we will not rest until our clients are completely satisfied with their experience with us. We always aim to reply to any queries or comments as soon as possible and can advise you if you need assistance on the most suitable product for your needs.

We enjoy providing our customers with an extensive range of products and we strive to add new and exciting items on a regular basis.


Where To Shop (Retail & Online) 

Shopping with GMS is very easy. We have a very convenient online store that is easy to navigate and payments are taken on our safe and secure platform.

In our online store, you will be able to browse our extensive collection of new and used general military surplus garments.

When browsing our online store, you will often notice that we have sales and discounts on many items. If you are interested in something, it is always a good idea to snap it up as soon as possible because once it is gone, it is gone!

GMS offers a very convenient next day dispatch delivery option if you place your order before 1pm. Our nominal delivery fee is based on weight and we deliver throughout South Africa. This means that you can shop online with us, regardless of where you are located and enjoy fast delivery.


Our Products - Overview 

General military surplus is known for its high quality, durability and warmth during icy winters.

Our range of products includes everything you would come to expect an army officer to have.

From field caps that protect your face from the sun and wind, to winter caps that keep your ears and head toasty and warm in the cold, our hat range is very popular.

Our jackets and parkas are the most popular items that customers purchase and it is easy to see why! Not only do they look stylish and smart, they also blend in with your surroundings (perfect for hunting) and look great when worn with jeans or casual trousers.

We sell both lined and unlined jackets. Lined jackets and parkas give you additional warmth in freezing temperatures, while unlined jackets are great to use as windbreakers and raincoats.

If you are looking for a warm jacket that looks smart that you can wear to the office, a formal function and casually over the weekend, we recommend a collared gabardine pea coat or jacket.

Choose from either a lined or unlined gabardine jacket that will take you from your favourite outdoor adventure, to a winter braai with friends, to a formal corporate function.

Our camo sneakers are also quite popular and help hunters to blend in with their natural surroundings. Being quite trendy and stylish, they also look great with a pair of jeans or slacks.

Our field jackets are ideal if you need something with useful pockets and a hood.

All our products come in a wide range of sizes, feel great when worn and are made with the best quality fabrics and finishes.

For more information on our products, read our article: GMS What Products Do We Sell or visit our website

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