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What is military surplus merchandise and why is there such a demand for it?

Most people have heard of the term “military surplus”, but what is it exactly, and why is there such a demand for it. 

In this article, GMS explains all you need to know about military surplus, and debunks some common myths. 


Is military surplus stolen, donated, auctioned, or purchased directly?

The military surplus clothing we sell at GMS is purchased directly from overseas military bodies, including armies and navies through reputable agencies and agents with whom we have long standing relationships. 

The stock we buy is either unused or gently used. Either way, it is no longer wanted by the relevant military facility, army or navy, and they sell the military surplus in bulk at excellent prices, the reason GMS is able to offer our customers such bargains! 

It is certainly not stolen or donated, and you can be assured of a top quality sourcing process when you shop with us. 


Buying military surplus clothing from GMS has countless benefits, and below are just a few: 

  • Top quality clothing that has been designed to last and withstand harsh conditions
  • Excellent prices 
  • We deliver our products with our preferred courier to anywhere in South Africa! 
  • We have a wide variety of coats, jackets, and accessories to choose from
  • Great way to kit out your security or farm personnel
  • Keeps you warm for hunting or fishing


Is it legal to wear military surplus or army jackets from another country of origin? (i.e. British Army, German Army, Dutch Army etc.)

It is legal to wear military surplus or army jackets from another country of origin, as long as the identifying badges have been removed. 

If you browse through our extensive military surplus collection, you’ll notice that all of our stock no longer contains any badges or embroidery linking it to the relevant army. You can, therefore, wear our military surplus clothing with confidence and peace of mind. 


Is it legal to wear military surplus from your country of origin in your country of origin?

Laws vary from country to country, and it all depends on what is legal in the country of origin. 

GMS is committed to honest, fair and completely legal business operations and practices and we conduct a thorough due diligence before purchasing military surplus to ensure that we are not breaking any law or regulation. 

In South Africa, you may wear military surplus, as long as there are no official badges or identifying features on the clothing. Since GMS sells clothing without badges, you have nothing to worry about. 


Can you get SANDF military surplus from GMS?

Currently, GMS does not sell general military surplus from the SANDF, we only sell quality military surplus items imported from overseas.

If you’re looking for a warm jacket or coat to be able to withstand extremely cold temperatures, you’re better off buying military surplus from an army of a cold country. GMS buys bulk jackets and coats from the Dutch, British, and German armies, for instance. These armies’ soldiers typically experience sub-zero temperatures during the winter and their jackets and coats keep them warm regardless. 

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